Slow Page Loading Times?

If you are seeing slow load times on pages such as product pages, homepage sliders etc, the images are more than likely being slow to load due to their nature of being rather large file sizes compared to all the other small file size components your browser has to load when viewing a web page.

To help combat this you are going to need to first run the URL of your site through a site speed testing tool of your choice we recommend ( from here you can then see what action you will need to take on the images. Now you can decide if you want to optimize them or not if the file sizes are already small for example for a large slider image roughly about 1940 x 1230 for slider image you want the image file size to be anywhere from 100-250KB small images i.e product images and blog post images need to be around 80-125KB. Alternately you could also not have as many product images per product if that can be achieved. If some of these products are being pulled through to the homepage this will greatly improve the page speed for that too.

If not just download each image from the products that are loading slowly and run them through an online image optimization site of your choice such as (

Once on the optimisation tool of your choice simply follow the instructions and this will make the file size smaller for that image, you have a decision if you want to compromise quality over loading times or vise versa for example you may not want as higher quality images on your homepage because you may want that to load as fast as possible to keep potential customers drawn into the site as it only takes seconds for them to get distracted and click off to another site.

Compressed image statistics:

Original Size:
 267.1 kB (old image file size)
Compressed Size:
 124.7 kB (new image file size)
 142.4 kB
Decreased Size By:

You should not see much of a difference from the uncompressed and compressed image quality but the difference if any will be minimal and hard to see, so effectively all we are doing is changing the images file size.

After they are optimised simply just add, replace or overwrite them over the unoptimised ones still being displayed on the products page or homepage slider, BUT remember the new optimised images you now have need to have the same file name as what they were called before you optimised them.

Any more question on this just let us know and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

If you couldn't find the Answer to your question either in here or in our FAQ's please feel free to open a customer support ticket and let us know and we will be more than happy to help you!

Inspira Support Team