Min/Max Order limits

Q. Can I route customers to Trade Orders only if they meet x condition?

A. Through trade orders and a bit of Shopify liquid it is possible to impose a limit per purchase that when the customer goes over they are sent to the normal Shopify checkout rather than the Trade Orders checkout. You can use the class ".no-trade-orders" for checkout links or the name "no-trade-orders" for checkout submit buttons. Once this class/name is applied the customer will go through the usual Shopify checkout process even if they are tagged with a trade orders tag.

Just as an example this means in your cart.liquid template you can add something along the lines of...

<a href="/checkout" {% if cart.total_price > 10000 %}class="no-trade-orders"{% endif %}>Checkout</a>

This would make any Trade Orders customers who orders over £100 go to the normal Shopify checkout rather than be routed to Trade Orders checkout.

If this is what you're looking for but you're not comfortable with putting the code in you can give us access to your store as a staff member on the email support@inspiradigital.co.uk along with specific limits for an order you'd like in place and we'll put it in for you.

If you couldn't find the Answer to your question either in here or in our FAQ's please feel free to open a customer support ticket and let us know and we will be more than happy to help you!

Thank you,
The Inspira Support Team.