Handling Net 30 Terms with Trade Orders

Note: Before reading this guide we recommend you take a look at our other help guide here: https://inspiradigital.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/17000005442-how-is-checkout-handled-with-trade-orders- which provides some general info on how checkout is handled with Trade Orders.

To specifically handle net 30 terms the process would go: 

  1. Trade customer places order through Trade Orders
  2. Order appears in Shopify admin with a payment status of "pending"
  3. An invoice is created manually or through an app integration and sent to the customer either payable within 30 days or 30 days after the order is created.
  4. Payment is received and the order in Shopify can be marked as paid.

Here's a few of the many apps can assist in creating invoices from your Shopify orders:





Alternatively you can create the invoice yourself or in completely external software to Shopify.

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