Basic steps to install Trade Orders on your store

The summarised steps for setting up Trade Orders on your store are:

  1. Install the app here:
  2. Add a customer tag through the Trade Orders app interface
  3. Tag customers with the Trade Orders tag you created through the customers section of the Shopify admin

To test trade orders is working you can:
  1. Create your own customer in Shopify
  2. Tag your created customer with the Trade Orders tag
  3. Visit your storefront and sign in to the customer account you created
  4. Add an item to your cart
  5. Click checkout

If everything is working correctly after step #5 you should see a page that looks different to the standard Shopify checkout and the url should read /pages/trade-orders-confirmation

If this didn't work as described then it may be one of these common causes.
  1. Code injection failed in theme.liquid: At the bottom of your theme.liquid file after installing Trade Orders you should see code that looks similar too {% include 'trade-orders-code' %}. If you don't see this the most common reason is that you have some invalid HTML close to your closing body tag (</body>), fix that then visit the Trade Orders app admin and click the reset/update theme button. If after doing this you still don't see the include code at the bottom of theme.liquid then you can add it manually yourself just above the closing body tag.
  2. JS errors in the theme or cart page: To redirect users to the Trade Orders checkout rather than Shopify checkout we need to use some javascript. If you have javascript errors in your theme or cart page which is preventing our javascript from running then Trade Orders will not work. The easiest way to detect javascript errors is by opening your browsers dev tools (cmd+alt+i on mac chrome) and clicking the console tab. Any errors will be highlighted in red.
If the app still isn't working after trying these or you're just not comfortable with editing the code then send us a support request along with a staff account invite on the email we'll be happy to help get the app up and running for you as soon as we can.

Thank you,
The Inspira Support Team.