How do i submit a ticket:

To submit a ticket you need to clearly explain the issue and give us context and any relevant passwords and login info we to us by either video or images/screenshots or text documents so we can then go and look into your issue before we get it scheduled in for a developer to sort for you. We still may ask you for more info if required.

What information should I include?


  • Provide us as much concise information and context as possible. Summarize the information such as logins etc we need and or what the expected outcome of your request is

  • If it relates to a specific page please provide links and or examples of pages as links that are affected

  • If providing screenshots please include the entire screen as this gives useful context 

  • Provide us with which browser and device you're using and if possible which version of operating system


  • Forward us a long email string this makes it harder for us to find the information we need and slows the entire process down all of which will use your support time up

  • CC in anyone that is not directly involved in the issue or its possible resolution 

  • Submit a ticket until you are sure you have all possible information and or documentation.

  • Simply forward on or copy and paste requests of others such as third parties without first reviewing, summarizing and understanding what is being requested.

The Process.

  • After you have a submitted your ticket a member of the support team will reply back to within about 1 hour for a general request and about 30 minutes if you have marked your ticket as an Incident. Please see our General request and Emergency Request outlines here.

  • The member of support looking at the ticket will find and or ask for all the relevant info they will need to look into it on the spot to see if there a quick resolution for the ticket.

  • If the member of support is either too busy or cannot resolve the issue there and then it will get scheduled in for a developer to look at.

  • When the developer gets the ticket assigned to them when they start work on your ticket they will let you know on the ticket and the tickets status will change to in progress so you can see the developer is working on your ticket.

  • Then the once the developer has finished or resolved the General request or Emergency Request they will let you know on that ticket and the status will be marked as resolved.

  • You will now have to review and sign off what the developer has done and see the fix or request in place or working then you can let them know by replying back to the developer and they will then mark the ticket as closed.

If you have any more questions about the ticket process and about submitting tickets don't hesitate to ask us.

Inspira Support Team.