What is a General Request?

A general request is essentially a non-incident like ticket where you would want something changing or adding or even ask a question, but isn't a break in service and not letting your site from selling etc.

Example of General Requests:

  1. Can you add in this tracking code
  2. Google tag manager updates
  3. Can you change the color of...
  4. Can we move the product images

What is an Emergency Request?

An emergency request is any issue that causes a break in service of the site, app or software.

Example of Emergency Request:

  1. Cart won't update quantities, totals etc
  2. Checkout is unresponsive
  3. unable to add to cart from product pages

Paid support, adhoc support and 30 day free support.

These are just examples to help you understand and define what your request types should be like. Please refer to your theme documentation always before submitting a request as the answer will more than likely be in there. Or you can check your support contract for the exact details of what has been agreed.

If you have any more questions about types of tickets don't hesitate to ask us.


Inspira Support Team.