So as you may have already guessed by the title of this article and the lack of a Trade Orders presence on the Shopify app store that the app has unfortunately now been unpublished for good.

So whats happened to Trade Orders?

Shopify have recently with the launch of the new App store also made updates to the Shopify API terms of service which directly affects the way the Trade Orders App functions.

In short they will no longer allow for Apps to place orders through the API without going through the Shopify Checkout. This obviously is a key feature of Trade Orders.

The current version of the App that you have installed will continue to function, however, we will be forced to withdraw the app completely at some point, however, at this point Shopify have given us no clear deadline.  

Unfortunately due to the situation

  • We will no longer be able to offer new installations of the app even as private app
  • We will only be able to offer limited support to current customers
  • We will not be able to offer customisations to the app


Q: When will trade orders stop working on my store?

A: We are currently unsure of what date this is as Shopify have been very vague with us on this despite it being very important for our app users. We will let customers know hopefully 30 days before the app finally stops working.

Q: I have just paid for the app will i be re-inversed for this payment as the app will be removed?

A: Honest answer is you will have to speak to Shopify about this as we have no control over the monthly payments and refunds as this all handled on Shopifys part.

We are currently in discussion with Shopify directly to work on a number of possible solutions and will be presenting them to all our valuable customers as soon as possible.

Sorry for any inconvenience this many cause.

Thank you for your understanding. :)

Inspira Digital